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Charge Conference Forms are available!

posted on August 25

 We look forward to spending time with your congregations this fall at Charge conference.  Our time together will focus on the 2017 Annual Conference theme, Remarkable: Identified as Extraordinary.  The 85 churches in the Mid-State District will be divided into 5 geographical clusters and assignments. 
  • Moberly (TrinityUMC)
  • Columbia (Hallsville UMC)
  • Lakes (Harper ChapelUMC)
  • Jefferson City (Wesley UMC)
  • Marshall (First UMC)
You will find charge conference forms here:
Return all forms that apply to your church the week of Sept. 18th, 2017!
This information has been emailed to your pastor and  ppr chair, has been mailed and is on our new website!

Pastoral Support Form Tips:
    1. You must start at the “Status” tab at the bottom of the worksheet.
    2. Use a “1” and NOT an “x” to check the appropriate boxes.
    3. The form will auto-fill the appropriate Housing and Accountable Reimbursement Forms.   Please send the signed forms, NOT the spreadsheet.
    4. Notice that the Full-Time forms no longer include a breakdown of cash salary deductions.  You just fill in the total cash salary (Previously, Line A total on the previous forms).  The breakdown will show on the new Addendum Form that will come out closer to open enrollment in early November.
    5. Notice there is no longer a separate line for Utilities.  The IRS considers them the same as housing, so they are now combined in one line.
Lay Ministers – you must use the Lay Minister Support Form-NOT the pastoral support form.

The 2018 Lay Servant Annual Report is to be included in the paperwork sent to us.   We will not vote on anyone that does not have a signed form to the district office by Sept. 18th!

For legal reasons, please make sure that we are listed as Additional Insured on each church’s insurance policy.  Please use “MID-STATE DISTRICT”

 Alternative Board Structure Forms are NOT on the website!  You can request those forms from the Mid-State District office ONLY IF your church has previously been approved to use this model.

As always, please contact myself, Heather, or Terri if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you in October!


Rev. Sherry Habben